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APTMICRO Solutions Limited is a company engaged in design, development and manufacturing of application specific hardware devices and software. The company is having a strong development team based at Trivandrum to undertake any hardware design and software development.

The promoters are IT and Industrial Engineering professionals with over 20 years of experience in India and abroad.

Mr.M.R Narayanan., Chairman, Leading Industrialist who pioneered the IT revolution in India especially in Kerala.He is having business interest in IT as well as in hospitality industries.

Mr.Kabeer Khadar an NRI business leader wirh international business operations from Dubai in the field of exports,oil &gas, heavy engineering and hospitality.

Mr.M.R Subramonian, the Managing Directer of ADTECH Systems LTD with more than 27 years of experiance in IT.Adtech is the market leader in security systems with more than 70% market share in anti shop lifting System.

Mr.Radhakrishnan, Executive Director, with 25 years of experience in Electronics Engineering & Management.

Mr. S C Sanu, Director, a Graduate Engineer with experience in Industrial Engineering, automation and safety having work experience in countries like India, UAE, Germany.

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