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APTMICRO- the pioneers in digital signage solution is having the pleasure in introducing to you the state of the art Queue Management System, APT-Q. The product is designed to take care of smooth management of Queues in Government offices, hospitals, airline offices, telecom centers etc. APT-Q is a fully automated system with touch screen kiosk; LCD/Plasma Screen based Common Display, Digital Signage function, LED Counter display and table-top console.
APT-Q has got a touch screen Kiosk (pedestal/Wall-mountable) with a Token dispenser to issue the token. The customer can select the service from the list by touching the screen & the kiosk will dispense a token with number. After obtaining the token, the customer can wait at the waiting area. The waiting area will have a LCD/Plasma screen which will display the token/counter number that is being serviced currently. The LCD/Plasma screen has provision to show advertisement/promotional videos & the customers sitting at the waiting area can watch the same. The customer will be alerted with flash of number on common display (also with voice prompt) about their turn & counter number. The customer can go to the specific counter & avail the service. This process will continue till the end of transaction hours.

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